About Us

Like all great companies, WJ Enterprises was created out of passion. Quickly becoming a leader in the marketing and advertising industry throughout the metro Atlanta area. Today, WJ Enterprises serves clients from around the world, from small to mid size businesses, entertainment professionals, to non-profit organizations. Through it all, remaining committed to providing personalized service to each client.

WJ Enterprises provides result-oriented advertising, public relation solutions, and marketing services designed to meet client’s objectives by providing strong marketing concepts and with a great level of customer service. With a desire to measure success for clients through awareness, increased sales, or other criteria mutually agreed upon between WJ Enterprises and clients.

With the marketing landscape ever changing, there are more ways to communicate, connect and advertise than ever before. WJE have assembled an exciting portfolio of products under its brand. Over the years WJE have adopted new technologies, workflows and training. Created to better serve distinct audiences within our diverse, multi-language community.