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Almost 2 years ago, Twitter launched their training program for agencies called Twitter Flight School’. Flight School aimed to take the mystery out of the platform, covering everything agency staffers would need to know to develop Twitter marketing campaigns for clients, including best practices, case studies and other reference material to help guide through each campaign.

Flight School proved immensely popular, with more than 15,000 staffers from major agencies taking part and completing the online coursework. The program has proved so successful in fact that Twitter’s decided to expand it, announcing this week that Flight School is now open to the people, with the platform offering the program for free, and in 16 different languages. I’m happy to say that I’m now a Twitter Flight School graduate, and as such, I’m able to provide an overview of how it works and the education it provides.

Flight School’s a program that requires your Twitter log-in credentials to access – you allow it permission to sign you in and Twitter will keep track of your details so you can save your progress and re-visit as you need. The program’s broken up into modules, all of which give you a time estimate for completion before you jump in – the first module, ‘Twitter 101’, for example, is estimated to take around 10 minutes to complete.

Twitter Flight School contains everything agencies need to know to develop high-impact marketing campaigns for clients, and agency learners can even access both the curriculum and additional resources on their mobile devices.

They have even tailored the content and created bite-size modules to address different agency roles and functions, including senior leadership, account planning and campaign management.

Twitter Flight School


The program starts from the very basics, defining what Twitter is, how Twitter works, and the elements that make up a tweet. The lessons then move onto how brands are using Twitter, what data shows about Twitter’s capacity to influence consumer choices and the many different ways tweets can be used in the marketing process. Flight School gives you an option to jump right to the final test for each section (called ‘Flight Check’) so you can answer the necessary questions and move onto the next element.

Once you’re done with the basics, Flight School moves into the depth of Twitter audiences and tactics, with a range of lessons looking at more advanced marketing and targeting, with examples for each. Lessons that explain the many ways Twitter marketing can be utilized and maximized, and it’s likely that at least some of it will be new info, especially to those less familiar with the platform. These advanced tactics are where the core strength of Twitter. Even if you’re just running through the test to refresh your knowledge, it’s worth looking through the options and examples to ensure you’re familiar with all the elements. At the completion of all modules you get a badge which you can display on your e-mail signature or LinkedIn profile, and a printable certificate. You will also get access to a whole range of case studies and research to read through, providing some solid, in-depth data to help grow your understanding and better construct your own Twitter strategy.

All in all, I’d say Twitter’s Flight School is worth it, and definitely if you’re not familiar with Twitter marketing and want to get a better understanding of the possibilities, the course is highly recommended. And while it does start out necessarily basic, it gets more in-depth – there are some strong and valuable insight here, some good lessons to be learned. The information is presented in an easy to digest, user-friendly format that works to keep you engaged and present the necessary information in a flowing, intuitive way.

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