Dos and Don'ts of a Business Card

We all have them for one reason or another. In some cases, they speak for you before you can or make physical contact with someone. It is truly one of the most valuable investments you can make when starting a business or building a brand. Yes, a business card truly holds a lot of weight for such a small item. Ask yourself “Does my business card stand out enough?” “How is it representing my brand?” “What does my business card say about me?” Distinctively designed business cards say something about your organization or what you represent. The type of paper, weight of the card, and the finish are all factors to consider when designing your business cards.

First impressions can make you or break you. That’s why especially in business, it’s imperative to strive to put your best foot forward straight away. A person’s business card can be considered one of the most essential marketing tools that they have. Business cards have the unique potential for personal connections that can generate desired yet unexpected leads. A business card that has all the significant material will aid in your visibility among the masses. This within itself will solidify a positive brand image for you right from the start. But, producing a card with all the essential information without creating confusion and unprofessional appearance can be very difficult. When you meet someone that could potentially be a great prospect or connection, don’t you want him or her to walk away with a great first impression? A memorable business card does a lot more than just provide an email address or phone number. You don’t ever want your brand to be associated with the word cheap. So, when it comes to the first impression of your company… make sure it’s a bold one.

Design: What’s the best design to have?

Do’s: Image is everything and your business card is no exception. You need to make sure that like you and all the other vital elements of your business, it’s dressed for success. Your business card is the “building block” and should be cohesive with your other printed marketing material. Utilize fonts and sizes that don’t require a magnifying glass to read. Be sure the text color chosen stands out against the background of the card, too. If you offer products and/or services that can be represented with a symbol (i.e., house painter, home builder, restaurant, dog grooming service), the card should depict that product or service in some way. (Custom Business Card Design Services)

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Don’ts: Clip art is the number-one design element that can ruin a business card. It looks cheap and diminishes the image of any company. In fact, you should only add graphics to your business card if you are 100% sure it will help strengthen your branding rather than confuse it. Don’t use flimsy and/or inexpensive paper. This can make potential clients question the quality of your services and in some cases; how serious of an individual you are yourself. One thing that our Founder and CEO Woody Martin hates with a passion is business card templates from cookie cutter design/printing company that every other business owner has designed themselves. It takes away from your company or brand being unique.

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Content: What information should be on my business card?

Do’s: Keep it simple! Just like the design is important, so is the content of your business card. Your brand should be recognizable immediately. That means you should always include the name of your business and your logo somewhere on your card. Of course, you would include your name. Your business card wouldn’t serve its purpose without it. The font style and font size that is readable. Include the one or two numbers where your customers will be able to reach you, email address, website address, and 2-3 social media links. That’s all!

Don’ts: Forgetting the links relevant to your business. Seriously, I laugh every time I see a business card with a LinkedIn or Facebook icon on it without an accompanying URL. (And yes, I see it more often than you would expect.) NEVER EVER handwrite new information on old business cards. Whitespace is a good thing. Don’t feel the need to fill every inch of the card with information. Some people are so afraid of not filling up space that I’ve seen cards where the email address is written across the width of the bottom of the card, like:  j   o   h   n   .   d   o   e   @   m   y   w   e   b   s   i   t   e  .   c   o   m. This is by no means necessary.

Delivery: When is the best time to give someone my card?

Do’s: Believe it or not, it’s not how many business cards you can give out… but more so about how many business cards you can receive. The power of contact comes from getting contact information from the other person. This ensures that you will always have the option of contacting them, not waiting around twiddling your thumbs and expecting them to contact you. You should always give your business card to anyone who asks you for: 1. Contact information. 2. Your company information. 3. Your business card. Never refuse to give your business card to anyone who wants it. If you ask for someone’s business card or contact information, you should immediately offer your contact information as well.

Don’ts: Never leave your home or office without your cards and plenty of them.  There is nothing more unprofessional than the business person who has to say, “Oh, I’m sorry. I just gave out my last card.” or “I’m sorry. I didn’t bring any with me.” Business cards should only be given at a business meeting or to a potential business contact. Do not hand it with one hand, or from your side profile, as though the person is not quite important enough to give the card properly. If you have to give a business card out at a social function that isn’t business related, do so privately.

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When it comes down to all regions of the world, the rules of business card etiquette are simple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offend anyone. Following these guidelines will help you make a lasting and positive impression the next tme you exchange business cards. To ensure that you have you clean and custom design, use coupon code CLEANCARD to get 10% off when placing an order for a custom business card design from WJ Enterprises. (Offer good till 03/31/17)

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