Hello Everyone! It’s Woody, WJ Enterprises Founder and CEO. For those who know me personally, understand how much community outreach is important to me. We will be highlighting how working with WJ Enterprises has helped the non-profit reach their goal and also the importance of a strong marketing campaign. I had the opportunity to personally sit down with Kimya Motley Founder and President of Haven of Light International, Inc. based in Metro Atlanta to ask her a few questions about her organization.

Kimya Motley
1. What is Haven of Light?
Haven of Light International, Inc is a 501c3 organization that seeks to help families rebuild after going through domestic violence. We have a Women’s Intervention program which provides crisis intervention, referrals to local shelters, Christian counseling, support groups, as well as financial and in-kind resources to help women and children with the transition after leaving an abusive relationship. Ultimately we would like to open a transitional facility where women can live for up to two years in order to help the rebuilding process. We have a Men’s Intervention Program that provides help for men who are victims of abuse as well as perpetrators. We provide referrals to shelters and Family Violence Intervention programs as well. Finally, we have a Community Outreach Program, that includes a Teen Task Force that seeks to eradicate teen dating violence in local high schools by empowering other teens to be a voice against violence. In addition to that, we provide community education opportunities for various civic, education, business, and religious groups.

2. What drove you to create Haven of Light?
In 2011, my ex-husband shot me four times with a .38 in the face, neck, back of the head, and back at point blank range. He shot my then 10-year-old daughter in the head as well. We were not expected to live but did by God’s grace and mercy towards us. While recovering in the hospital, women I did not know would show up in my room and say that my story caused them to leave an abusive relationship or caused them to believe in Christ again. I knew then that God wanted me to help women.

3. How important is marketing for a new non-profit organization?
Marketing is vital for Haven of Light because if women and men are not aware of the resources in their communities, how can they attain the help they need. As a “baby” organization, we need to work hard to make sure we are vocal through print, social media, news outlets, etc. to make sure that hurting families can get the services they need.

4. How has working with WJ Enterprise helped your non-profit?
Woody is fantastic! I always joke with him and say, “I know how to teach and you know how to market this stuff. So, what do I need to do?” He is always so informative and helpful with ways to make my organization stand out in the world of domestic violence. He gives me pointers about what steps we need to take next in the growing process. He even provides referrals for services he does not offer and that is one of the many reasons I respect him and the WJ Enterprises brand. Knowing that we are a new non-profit in need of financial resources, he helps us with discounts for services (in addition to the tax free status we have already).

5. What is upcoming for Haven of Light?
We are gearing up for Domestic Violence Awareness Month by speaking at various events in the month of October such as The Fulton DeKalb Hospital Authority’s Violence Symposium on October 28th. I am excited about being a part of the organizational committee for this awesome event. Additionally, we are starting a mentoring program for at risk girls at Stone Mountain High in DeKalb County. Finally, we are going to partner with professional football players in South Carolina to do a one day Character Education Football Camp for middle school and high school boys. The curriculum not only includes skills and drills on the football field, it includes skills for life including: Dating Violence Prevention, Leadership, Media Matters, and a host of other topics. Considering the surge in professional athletes getting into trouble for violence against women and the fact that South Carolina is number one for domestic violence homicides, we are glad that a door has opened up there for us to start this football program with the youth in the area.

For more information on Haven of Light International, Inc and how you can support their movement please visit them at http://www.havenoflightint.org

Haven of Light Int

Founder & CEO of WJ Enterprises

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