1. The preferred outcome is not being obtained.
In any form of business with one goal that is always highlighted is maximizing the visibility and earnings. This is where marketing is considered to be crucial. Yet, most businesses chose to do their marketing in house; and the set goal is not met. In some cases, simply put nothing, you have tried has worked. It’s time to let go and let someone else handle it. Think about it! There could be various reasons why your methods haven’t yielded results; reasons you may not have even thought of. Doing your research and allowing others to bring fresh ideas to the table can never hurt.

2. Assistance is needed.
Assistance let’s be honest, who couldn’t use it? So, don’t be afraid to ask for it. You have identified your marketing needs help; you could always hire a new employee. Don’t be too hasty you might not need the addition permanency. The support may be needed for planning purposes or specific campaign. If marketing is not your strong suit, the eagerness and originality required to implement and retain a winning approach is difficult to achieve. This is why an outside perspective should always be welcomed.

3. Time is of the essence.
Marketing can be extremely time consuming. Business owners on a whole are very busy, but small business owners tend to be a little more stretched when it comes to time. More often than not small business owners along with their employees tend to wear multiple hats within the company. Like most small business owners you are giving your business your all. In the beginning juggling your duties and the required marketing was a breeze. With the progression or lack there of the juggling in no longer an option; with all the advancements in marketing and your growing responsibilities time wise it is overwhelming to say the least. This leaves you feeling like there is not enough hours in the day to handle business and personal because business time nay bleed over into personal just to make up time.

When time is of the essence in marketing the truth is you often never working alone usually there is one or more people in the company helping with the marketing push. There are examples where that works well and then there are examples where the goal suffered because the campaign or branding message was unclear. Simply put, too many hands in the pot and people not being on the same page. In addition to ineffective marketing having other assist in marketing (when this is not their primary duty or even in their job description); can lead to back logging in the areas they were initially hired for. So, consider how you and your staff are utilizing your time and ask yourself, in the company benefiting from the way time is being spent. Because time is money! So, if attempting to continue the juggling act on your own, or keeping the marketing in house utilizing your staff at every turn, is draining attention away from other key areas of business and personal life it is clear that it’s time to reevaluate how things are being done.

4. You don’t know what to do.
With the times changing every day with new advancements at every turn. Marketing has evolved immensely from the marketing practices that were deemed “cutting edge” years ago. Believe it or not, at one point marketing simply consisted of a listing in the yellow pages, an ad in your local newspaper and good old fashion word of mouth. For the time these methods were successful, but now this would just be a drop in the bucket due to all the different approaches possible to strengthen your marketing. It is certainly difficult for most bosses acknowledge when they don’t have all the answers. However, as the boss (who everyone depends on) you must evaluate where the shortcomings are and address them accordingly. Not knowing what to do is an issue that always be fixed.

5. Don’t wait till the last minute.
Well, some would easily say “I work well under pressure that is why I push my timelines as far as I can.” The fact still remains there are numerous reasons why people tend to wait till the last minute. Nevertheless, truth is a task worst enemy is truly procrastination. Why would you procrastinate is regards to marketing your business, rebuilding/launching your band and or promoting your services? Can, you really afford to do that? A vital component of your business is being neglected and may never get done at this rate. There are several things that can be delayed when it comes to business but when you are in the height of thing your marketing shouldn’t be one of them.

Keep yourself from the backlog or the feeling of falling behind by staying ahead of the of the game; when it comes to all aspects of your marketing. In doing so, your strategies and campaigns will be more successful. How? It’s simple in not waiting till the last minute you afford you’re the opportunity to go through the phases; of trial and error and review and tweak along time for the needed planning and changes as needed to suit your desired goal. Procrastination can sometimes if not most times diminish the quality of work; and your marketing no matter what form it may be must be of the highest quality. Yes, let’s repeat that the “highest” quality no matter what the budget due to the fact your marketing is a direct reflection of you, your staff & your business as a whole. So, if marketing is not your strong suit or you are not receiving the desired outcome for your current marketing; it is time to way your outsourcing options.

Can you relate to one or more of these signs? If yes, then it is likely you have already made the choice to take a look into outsource your marketing. You should being by evaluating your needs/wants and set a budget. Then reach out to a few marketing companies. Please remember you get what you pay for (not all bargains are truly a bargain). It is important that the company hired understands the nature of the business, your brand and your vision. Remember: when outsourcing your marketing may it be all or just certain areas a clear chain of command be defined and the final say always comes from you or someone within the company you trust.

You relate to one or more of these signs; but you’re still unsure if outsourcing is for you? It’s alright, being apprehensive when adding an extra expense is natural in any setting, especially in small business. You may want to test the waters by utilizing certain marketing promos the company you choose may offer or utilize the company chosen for specific projects to start. In the end, outsourcing may be more useful and affordable then you initially thought, especially when you have notable time to spend in other areas both professionally as well as personally!

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