The WJ Enterprises team offers multi-media advertising solutions. Our advertising solutions for your business are what set us apart from other marketing companies. Over the past two years WJ Enterprises has undergone countless hours of training to ensure that everyone on our team has an in depth understanding of marketing and advertisement products.

The marketing landscape is ever changing. Today, there are more ways to communicate, connect and advertise than ever before. To provide our customers with every available resource today and in the future, we have assembled an exciting portfolio of products under a new brand. Over the years we have adopted new technologies, workflows and training. Starting with digital web casts and live streaming video programs, then introduced niche market products like lifestyle websites, smart phone apps and digital community resources. All created to better serve distinct audiences within our diverse, multi-language community. Our products are accessible 24/7.

Like all great companies, WJ Enterprises was created out of passion. WJ Enterprises quickly became a leader in marketing and promotions in the Metro Atlanta area. Through it all, WJ Enterprises has remained committed to providing the personalized service that has made us so successful. Today, WJ Enterprises services clients from around the world. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, WJ Enterprises will give you everything you need to capture your target audience’s attention.

Founder & CEO of WJ Enterprises

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